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In today's modern environment the ever changing face of home interiors is greatly complimented by a wide range of Prefinished Oak Fire Doors. These are available as standard in and FD30 with a great deal of styles being offered in a large range of sizes. Kaybee offer these doors with a factory finish lacquer which is not only compliments the woods natural colour it also matches the standard doors offered within the range. Pre-finished Oak FD30 doors are tested beyond their requirements and are generally used in aspects of building where the owner/contractor wants to compartmentalise a building to help delay or stop the spread of fire from area to area. The use of one of our fire doors will not only provide protection from the spread of fire if fitted correctly it will also provide you with the peace of mind that you will have additional time to make your exit. It is also worth noting that due to their construction Pre-finished Oak Fire Door's can also be used in a doorway where added security as well as fire protection may be required. These doors are 44mm thick and will easily take a British standards 5 lever lock. This complete package makes them useful for integral garage doors, offices (home or commercial) and even rooms where you may just want to keep securely fastened but do not wish to use an external door or deviate from your planned choice of doors. Our wide selection of FD30 doors come in a choice of solid and glazed options and when fitted with the standard doors of the range will match up perfectly. In the last couple of years we have seen a significant rise in the options and styles available with new ranges being added to the market every year. We have sold Pre-finished Oak Fire Doors for uses in a magnificently broad spectrum of properties from multiple occupancy student accommodation to multi million pound homes, from the most basic of offices to some very well known homes of sport as the owners of such properties recognise the importance not only of fire doors but the general enhancement of appearance that these ranges now offer. The oak used in the manufacture of these doors is of the highest quality and finished to an excellent standard.
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